Bill Shepherd Mustang is proud to offer the last ever Shelby Carbon SuperSnake 2017MY. The car was built by Bill Shepherd Mustang as the only Shelby mod shop in Europe at our Byfleet facility. Starting life as an unassuming, ingot silver, right-hand drive Mustang, the car now re-writes the checklist of everything that a Muscle car should be.

The SuperSnake is without doubt the ‘halo’ vehicle in Shelby’s range, and to many represents the ultimate muscle car. This car is fitted with a Whipple 3.2 litre supercharger which boosts the cars power output to well over 800 BHP, with the equally raw appearance to match. In addition to the supercharger the car utilises a larger radiator and a Shelby metal expansion tank to offer optimum performance.

The car also has to total range of aesthetic modifications on offer. The carbon fibre package includes carbon fibre bonnet, rocker panels (sideskirts), rear spoiler, decklid and front and rear splitters. The car is fitted with specialised Shelby exhaust and Shelby exhaust tips to fit the new rear splitter. Combined with a black roof and the iconic Shelby overhead Super snake striping this car this car looks as meant as it is.

When tasked with 800+ BHP, handling upgrades are necessary. Learning from our 40 years of motorsport experience, Bill Shepherd Mustang have worked alongside Formula 1 and Nascar engineers to offer what we believe to be the best set-up possible on a SuperSnake Mustang. This has included a set of the latest Michelin 4S tyres fitted to the SuperSnakes 20 inch rims, as well as a set of Shelby-branded, Wilwood 6 piston calliper vented brakes.

Shelby badging is prominent throughout the car. Front, rear and side badges have been installed along with the signature Shelby side stripes.

Inside the car is the dash mounted Shelby oil pressure, fuel pressure and boost gauges, Shaker Pro premium sound system, SYNC 2, Sat Nav, heated/cooled seats, reverse camera, rear parking sensors, cruise control and climate control.

These cars are increasingly rare and thanks to their place in the Shelby register, alongside the chassis numbers of some of the most exclusive cars in the world, offers almost as much investment potential as fun to be had. Bill Shepherd Mustang has built all of the 2015-2017 SuperSnake cars in the UK. To our knowledge this is the only silver car in the country and is without doubt the last of the ‘carbon fibre’ models to be built.

This SuperSnake is a great investment, awesome fun, and has stats that you’d have to spend millions to beat. The only question is: are you bold enough?


Drive away now: SOLD