1205 miles.


Bill Shepherd Mustang is proud to present you with a truly outstanding example of the limited edition Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Designed as a stylishly 60's homage to the golden bygone era of the automotive industry, driving this car will put a smile on the face of any car enthusiast.

The Bullitt edition features distinctive differences to a stock S550 Mustang:

  • Tuned high performance exhaust, to mimic the grumble from the original Steve McQueen movie car.

  • Exclusive 'Highland Green' paint colour (only available on Bullitt edition).

  • Distinct Bullitt badging on both the steering wheel and the rear decklid.

  • Black aluminium 19 inch wheels, 5-spoke style.

  • Chrome window and grille trim.

This car isn't just a well-designed tribute to a 1960's cult icon, but thanks to the 453bhp V8 Coyote power-plant and fitted (optional) factory Magneride suspension system, it's fantastic to drive.

Drive it away: