2020 SHELBY GT500



Like its less powerful sibling, today's 526-hp GT350, the 2020 GT500 starts out with a 5.2-liter aluminum-block V8. But installing a massive 2.65-liter Roots-type supercharger down in the "V" of the engine has necessitated a bunch of other changes. The flat-plane crank from the GT350 has been nixed in favor of a cross-plane design to better handle the increased loads of a forced-induction engine. With that big blower honking away at 12 PSI, the engine needed increased cooling and lubrication capacity, too, forcing changes to the block itself.

Additional new pieces include valves, seals, seats, springs and head gaskets, with longer head bolts to keep the whole works from fragging under the pressure. A beefy model-specific oil pan features both static and dynamic baffles to prevent fluid starvation when really pushing through the Gs. 

Altogether, those high-performance bits and tight tolerances give 760 hp. That's enough to consider this engine the most power-dense supercharged powerplant in the world (shaming the 707-hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat engine in the process).

- Chris Paukert (writing for CNet)


All that performance isn’t much use if it can’t reach the road, however, and that’s why the transmission is so important. Ford is using a Tremec 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for that, which the automaker says is the first time in the 2020 Shelby GT500’s class that such a set of cogs has been implemented. Ford Performance engineers worked with Tremec to custom design the gearbox to suit the new Mustang’s output.

The result is the TR-9070 DCT 7-speed, a transmission designed to be just as much at home on the road as it is on the track. It uses a new wet clutch system that has five friction plates in the odd-gear pack, and six in the even-gear pack. That adds up to 155 square inches and 136 square inches of surface area respectively.

Tremec only applies transmission fluid during thermal events, boosting cooling performance and cutting down on parasitic loss. Meanwhile, seven non-sequential helical forward gears use triple cone synchros, pre-selected using an electrohydraulic shift mechanism. That, Ford claims, can deliver a ripping fast upshift in as little as 80 milliseconds, when the GT500 is in Sport mode.

- Chris Davies (writing for SlashGear)


The front splitter and belly pan with reverse wing and available side splitters channel airflow in order to reduce front-end lift and minimize drag in the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500. The louvered hoot vent is six-square-feet in size and helps reduce front-end lift, and minimize drag.

Side splitters and a rear diffuser unique to the GT500 help to channel high-pressure wind around the car. Out back the GT4-style rear wing was designed for the Carbon Fiber Track Package, and adds up to 550 pounds of rear downforce at 180 mph. For those who opt for the Handling Package with the gurney flap installed, the GT500 will achieve 379 pounds of rear downforce at 180 mph.

There are six heat exchangers that provide cooling for the 5.2-liter supercharged engine bay. The heat exchangers focus on cooling engine, supercharger, oil, and transmission temperatures. Additionally, there is an auxiliary high-temperature radiator for extra cooling along with an A/C condenser.

The front cooling package on the GT500 increases airflow by 50 percent compared to the GT350, and can extract up to 230 kilowatts of engine heat (1,230 BTU) at wide open throttle. The auxiliary engine radiator and dual thermostat provides additional thermal capacity in high-performance situations. Finally, there is a rear heat exchanger that assists in maintaining controlled rear differential temperatures.

- Austin Rexinger (writing for Ford Authority)


Bill Shepherd Mustang is excited to offer the much-anticipated 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang. The most iconic name in the Mustang world is back, and badder than ever! Expecting our first delivery in January of 2020 the golden age of modern muscle is within reach!

We currently have a variety of colours and specifications on order for Q1 of 2020. If you desire something specific, please contact us as soon as possible, there may be a chance to modify an existing order.


Current predictions indicate a circa £120,000 starting price for the GT500, expanding past the £150,000 mark when ordered with full options. The variety of options available for the car massively affect the price point. Among the most expensive are the 'carbon fibre track' or 'handling' packages, painted or vinyl stripes, Technology package and the Recaro race seat option.

For more information on the content of these optional extras please scroll down to the options chapter.



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The most notable option on offer for the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 is, without doubt, the 'carbon fibre track package'. Designed as the halo option for the GT500 it contains all possible performance-related upgrades available.

The obvious additions come in the form of a set of 20" Exposed carbon fibre wheels and striking GT4-styled rear wing, which provides 550 pounds of rear downforce at 180 MPH. Couple this with the included set of Michelin Pilot Cup sport 2 tyres, and the GT500 quickly becomes incredibly wieldy round a racetrack.

Also included are: Recaro race seat pack (see futher down for details) adjustable Strut Top Mounts, carbon fibre instrument panel, rear seat delete, Splitter Wickers and a wheel locking kit.


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Offered as an alternative to the premium 'carbon fibre track pack', the handling package provides performance upgrades on the standard car without the more distinct rear wing, carbon fibre rims and other carbon elements. The handing pack contains the same splitter wickers available in the track pack that aid front downforce as well as a rear wing gurney flap that offers 379 pounds of rear downforce at 180 MPH.


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Twin racing stripes have long been a defining characteristic of Shelby badged Mustangs. Heralding back to the iconic Ford x Shelby motorsport ventures of the 60s, they act as a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. If desired, available on the car is the option of 'over-the-top' vinyl stripes with an additional option of twin vinyl side stripes. Alternatively available is the premium option of painted 'over-the-top' racing stripes.


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The technology package offers an overhaul of the conventional Mustang range of gadgets. Primarily the package provides the car with a B&O sound system by Bang & Olufsen which includes 12 speakers and a sub-woofer system in the trunk. Also included is Ford's BLIS (blind spot information system) with cross-traffic alert as well as a 6-way Driver seat with three memory settings.

Mirror upgrades include: Heated, memory, Turn signal and Cobra logo puddle lamps.

The center console also receives a voice-activated Touchscreen navigation system with Pinch-to-zoom capability, siriusXM Traffic and Travel Link®.


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All in all, Ford have built a truly breathtaking car and without doubt, the most downforce intensive Mustang in history. With all this new found grip the standard Mustang seats just don't cut it when hooning around a track. Hence an optional extra to add official GT500 branded Recaro race seats to keep you in place while your car defies reality.

The seat pack offers leather trimmed, 4-way adjustable driver and 2-way adjustable passenger seats. 


Our current understanding is that there are 10 available colour options for the 2020 GT500. Below are listed the options as well as reference images where available.

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2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-1 (4).jpg


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2020 GT500 White.jpg







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