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The phrase "to finish first, first you have to finish" may sound cliché, but ask anyone who's succeeded in motorsport and they'll tell you that reliability is the most critical factor. We offer race preparation and event support with fastidious attention to detail in order to provide a driver with confidence in the behaviour of his car, but also in it's ability to make the finish line. 

With a reputation for restoring the world's fastest Cobras and 60's touring cars, we're more than familiar on how to build a competitive race car while maintaining the subtle nuances of a vehicle's originality. Benefiting from our sizeable accrued R&D, componentry and set-up knowledge, build or develop a car right using our 35+ years of experience and foresight.

In such a complicated world as Historic racing set-up, there's no shame in asking for advice, or even just a second opinion. With a team comprising of the experience of conscientious drivers, the eyes of veteran engineers and the hands of master mechanics, we're wonderfully suited to offer consultancy throughout the whole process of running a historic car.

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