The Shelby GT is the astonishing product of when you bring your 2016+ Mustang to Bill Shepherd’s Shelby mod shop, asking “could it be faster, handle better and be better looking?’’


So with a  Shelby carbon aero pack, Ford Racing suspension, huge Shelby 20’’ forged aluminum rims,  massive Wilwood brakes, Shelby induction and exhaust plus optional Shelby Supercharger you get jaw dropping looks and eye popping performance. More than this you get a Mustang that is glued to the road like no muscle car ever was before.


The Shelby GT makes every drive an event.


The ultimate Shelby Mustang incarnation drawing directly from Carroll Shelby’s motto “there’s never enough horsepower, just not enough traction”.


Every possible performance, aero, handling and braking upgrade is crammed into this awesome package and topped by its 750+hp fire breathing supercharged engine. This is the Muscle Mustang of now and a car that even Carroll Shelby would admire.

A truly extraordinary Mustang that makes other supercars appear tame.


In 1960 when Carroll Shelby's own racing career was cut short due to health issues, Carroll looked for a way to continue in the sport he loved. This came in the form of building his own car. Shelby managed to persuade Ford to lend him a small-block V8 which he squeezed into the British-built AC Ace chassis.

The rest is history.

Now to celebrate the 50th anniversary, you have the chance to own a genuine continuation of the iconic race and sports car. Drive in the same seat as some of the best-known legends of motorsport while having your very own CSX registered Cobra in the Shelby register.


Arguably one of the greats