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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Following on from a strong finish, a second place in the Trophy race, Fred lined up second last in the reverse grid Sprint. The, 1-driver, 20 minute race kicked off in typically exciting fashion, the cars on the first row slow to get away, bunching the pack up into turn 1.

Again, finding himself boxed in and squeezed at turn 1, the winning Camaro of Jack Tetley managed to find a gap off the line, and presented as the 'hare' that Fred chased through the pack. Squeezing past the other Camaro of John Young, Fred hooked onto the back of the Tetley Camaro until a squabble with a set of Capris put gap between the two cars.

On lap 4, and now contending with the rapid Davies Mustang behind, Fred scythed past the UFO jeans BMW of Nick Padmore up into second place. A following multi-lap scrap, saw the Bud Moore racing liveried Mustang of Davies dive up the inside at Lavant, blocking the apex, and making the move stick.

The order would remain, the gap to the Davies car stretching, then reducing considerably as the race came to a close, likely as a result of brake fade for the Sub-Zero man. Crossing the line in third place, Fred took another step on his extraordinary 100% podium finish Goodwood career.


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